SHIELDme Life-Care Disinfection Package


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  • The bundle incudes:
  • 100ML Spray Disinfectant
  • 10 Disinfecting Wipes
  • 500ML Spray Disinfectant
  • 80 Disinfection Wipes Canister
  • High level spray type multi use sanitizer (hands, surfaces, furniture, clothes, food packages, pets, toys, laptop, mobile..etc).
  • Safe for new born babies, pregnant women and pets.
  • Alcohol Free - non chemical, non Irritant, non corrosive, non flammable.
  • 100% natural product, ecofriendly and HARMLESS

An all purpose disinfectant that can be used to sanitize hands, surfaces such as furniture, kitchen tables and also can be used with foggers. It is a powerful replacement for traditional chemical disinfecting and sterilization process. The product uses only natural elements and has been repeatedly proven to be safe for humans yet lethal against all pathogens. It is a super oxidized water with Hypochlorous acid (HOCI), this formula was declared by FDA on 2002 as high level disinfectant.

More Information
SKU 123-H2-E2K3-Z2CY
Brand SHIELDme
Length (cm) 10
Width (cm) 23.5
Height (cm) 33.5
Display Color WHITE
Barcode 6291109220336
Weight (kg) 1.3
Country of Manufacture United Arab Emirates

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