Tescoma Melon Knife - Assorted Colour


Delivered within 3 days

Made of excellent resistant plastic

Durable and easy to use

Easy to clean

Excellent for easy separation of melon flesh from the skin. Suitable for watermelons, yellow melon, Galia, Cantaloupe, etc. Divide the melon into wedges and remove the flesh by smooth cuts between the skin and the flesh. Its length is 23 cm. 

Note: You will be receiving a varied colour of the same product as it is mentioned assorted colour in the product name.

More Information
SKU 4011377
Model Number 420622
Length (cm) 26.5000
Width (cm) 7.0000
Height (cm) 2.5000
Display Color ASSORTED
Barcode 8595028441567
Weight (kg) 0.0240
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